Death of a Dell Notebook

I got a Dell Studio 1555 Notebook in 2009 and I always was very happy with it. For its age it is quite fast even in gaming but now there are some things happening that I just want to share because it is very annoying. Just to make it clear: I never really traveled with that thing. The most time it was in  case waiting for some occasional work (mostly programming during my stays Berlin). I never dropped it or applied any great force on the case or the components. However at the beginning of this year I noticed that the light of the on/off button on the side began to flicker. After another two months I had to press really hard to switch it on. Then the button stopped working and the odyssey of repairing and degenerating began. At this time I thought that it was my fault. Because the warranty was already void I decided to repair the button. This is the result - the laptop now has an external power button. OK - this worked and i was happy. But about a week later a small pin inside the charger jack broke. Now the Laptop would always warn me that the charger could not be identified and that the battery of the computer could not be charged. I took a photo of the connector. You can clearly see the rest of a the small pin inside that broke. So far so annoying - now I had a Notebook that could not be charged anymore. When I pull out the connector the device switches off. "But at least I have a working Notebook!" I thought but again I was wrong... Some weeks later the Laptop stopped working again. This time a cable in the charger was broken. Once again I fixed it. Here is the result. I started to realize that I never treated my lovely notebook so rude that these kind of things really could  happen. While I am typing I can hear the harddisk scraping and ticking, announcing its upcomming death (I already got 2 bluescreens today). Also the wireless connection recently seems to be unstable but that might just be imagination. The question is - why do these things happen and that so short after warranty ends? You can not calculate material fatigue but you can buy the cheapest parts you can find. Then you add some unnecesary bullshit like the extra weak pin that lets the notebook talk to the charger and voila you get a device of our time which you can sell for plenty of money. My 1985 GDR made homecomputer still works - because it was made out of steel :) .

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