LED Christmas Tree

Recently a new series of low power ARM processors by ST came out - the STM32F0x1 series. I wanted to try out the controllers so I decided to do a small christmas project and build an LED christmas tree.
The tree is supposed to be quite small so you can hang it to your real christmas tree.

It is powered by a CR2430 coin cell. The LEDs and the microconroller draw a current of around 5 mA when every LED is turned on.

Check out the github repository for the project for more the PCB design files and the code.


Should be considered for the next version (aka next christmas):

  • use low power run mode of the controller
  • use hardware PWM instead of manual pin toggling
  • PCB overhaul (no more vias under the coin cell)
  • add more modes


Mike wrote on

very nice! :-)

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