Urban Exploration: Field Station Teufelsberg

Berlin has very interesting historic places. One of them which still has a flair of the cold war is the British/American field station on top of the Teufelsberg. From the early fifties till the end of the cold war it was used to listen to almost everything broadcasted on the other side of the Berlin Wall.

The field station in better times. Source:

The building was abandoned in the 90s and you can see traces of rude vandalism but still standing in one of the radomes or walking through the dark buildings gives you slight feel how it might have been there during one of the most exciting times in the history of Berlin. We visited the area on a tuesday when there where very few people around.  If you want to visit the Teufelsberg remember there might be a security team so be careful and please respect this place. Do not damage or destroy anything.

Distant view of the station

Destroyed lift on the way to the radome

Inside the first radome and view over Berlin

Inside the main building. Be sure to bring a torch.

Some HDRs

On top of the main antenna towers

The old canteen

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